Improve task output. Remove the noise.
Wrike Simplified.

Wrikified simplifies & improves task output for Wrike users.

Remove excess features from the project management software. Built for designers and production individuals, and teams who just want beautiful Wrike tasks.

No payment card needed, just log in.

Just assigned tasks,

Boosts task output

Remove excess features,

Simple Interface

No navigation,

Everything in one place

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Make Wrike easier for you. Integrate Wrikified.

We understand that you don't need every feature Wrike has to offer. The project management softwares features are great, we aren't knocking that - but designers, developers, and production individuals shouldn't have to think about the whereabouts of tasks or task management.

Give yourself a break with a clean and clear list of assigned tasks, with a few sprinkles on top. That's it!

  • View Assigned Tasks

  • Add Time Entries

  • Read Comments & Files

  • Complete Tasks

Improve task output, Remove excess features.

It's common to waste time searching for your assigned Wrike tasks, jumping from space to space. But let's be honest, if you're not project managing, most users only need to know what's required from the assigned task and the deadline.

Wrikified completely removes wasted search time and improves overall productivity by only showing the tasks you need. It doesn't get any easier!

You'll find we make Wrike as easy as 1-2-3!

And it really is that simple, Get started today!.

  1. See only assigned tasks. Nothing more - nothing less.

  2. Easily add time entries, comments, and status updates.

  3. Stop wasting time searching for your next task!

Use on most web enabled devices. Standard!

Built using 100% web based technologies and Wrike's API v4, Wrikified is available on any internet enabled mobile and desktop device. This ensures the continued enterprise-grade, industry-leading security, as you'd expect.

Focus on improving task output,
not the location of tasks.

Don't waste another second. Get started today!

No payment card needed, just log in.